Introduction of common masks during the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia

During the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, everyone must wear a mask when going out. There are many kinds of masks, such as common medical masks, cotton masks, N95, KN95, etc. Each kind of mask has different standards and functions. Let’s learn about it.

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·Medical mask

  1. Mask classification
  2. Disposable mask: Recommended for public use in non-crowded public places.
  • Surgical mask: Its protection effect is better than disposable mask. Recommended for patients with suspected cases, public transport workers, taxi drivers, environmental sanitation workers and public service personnel during their working hours.
  • Particle respirator of KN95/N95 and above standard: Their protection effects are better than surgical mask and disposable mask. Recommended for on-site investigators, sampling and testing personnel, as well as the public in highly crowded places or enclosed public places.
  • Medical protective mask: Recommended for medical staff in fever clinic and isolation ward and confirmed patients when they are transferred.
  • Wearing principle
  • No mask is required in open and ventilated places within the non-epidemic area, and mask is required in crowded or enclosed public places.
  • It is recommended to wear a disposable mask in open and ventilated places within the high epidemic area and it is recommended to wear a surgical mask or a particle respirator when entering crowded or enclosed public places.
  • Suspected patients should wear a particle respirator or a medical mask without an exhalation valve when they go to the hospital.
  • Patients with respiratory diseases should wear a protective mask under the guidance of a doctor. Infants and young children should not wear a mask, otherwise asphyxiation will easily occur.
  • Cotton gauze mask, sponge mask and activated carbon mask cannot prevent virus infection.
  • Attentions
  • Take good isolation measures, reduce the frequency of going out and wear a mask correctly.
Introduction of common masks during the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia

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