Common questions

A mask must not be reused, and bacteria are more likely to grow if the mask is placed in a humid environment.

[Disposable mask] It is recommended to replace it every 4 hours.

[Medical protective mask] It is recommended to use it for 6 to 8 hours.

If you don’t use the mask temporarily, please fold it and put it into a clean zip-lock bag, and fold the side that contacts the nose and mouth inward. If it is directly put in the bag, the bag may cause secondary pollution.

No use! Wearing more than one mask can not increase the filtering effect, but will reduce the comfort level.

It is recommended that children under 7 years old do not wear an N95 mask, even an N95 mask with special air valve. Children are at risk of suffocation because of the great respiratory resistance when wearing an N95 mask.

If these two kinds of masks are in short supply and cannot be purchased, you don’t have to wear a mask in ventilated areas where there is no respiratory symptoms (cough, expectoration) around, but you should wear a mask in relatively enclosed spaces (such as in a crowded place or on the public transportation). Even if you wear other kind of mask instead of these two kinds, it is better than not wearing a mask.

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