Differences between N95 face-mask and common mask

After the emergence of the novel coronavirus, we must wear an N95 face-mask when going out. So what is the differences between N95 face-mask and common mask? Let me introduce them for you.

Method /step

  1. Common mask includes paper mask, cotton mask, activated carbon mask, sponge mask, etc. These masks are not tightly made and have a low degree of filtration of impurities in the air, which are difficult to effectively prevent infection, but they can be used to filter dusts and powders in the air.
  • N95 face-mask is a kind of mask that filters over 95% of the tiny particles in the air. This mask has a very good filtering effect and can effectively prevent infection. Because of its excellent filtering effect, you will feel suffocating and uncomfortable when wearing it for a long time, and the inside of the mask will be very wet.
  • There is a kind of N95 mask with a breathing valve that can effectively filters the particulate matter in the air and exhausts the gas you breathe out and is relatively comfortable to wear. However, this mask does not apply in the current environment. Although it protects the wearer, it can cause infection to those around him/her if the wearer is a patient.
  • If we do not have an N95 mask, we can wear a surgical mask or a common medical mask. Although the filtering effect of these two masks is not as high as that of N95 mask, they can prevent droplets from entering respiratory tract.
  • N95 masks are not applicable to children or bearded people, while common masks and surgical masks apply to everyone.
  • If N95 masks and surgical masks are in short supply, you can buy a common mask, but be careful to stay away from areas with relatively severe epidemics and people with suspected symptoms.
Differences between N95 face-mask and common mask

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