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Introduction of common masks during the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia

During the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, everyone must wear a mask when going out. There are many kinds of masks, such as common medical masks, cotton masks, N95, KN95, etc. Each kind of mask has different standards and functions. Let’s learn about it. Tools/raw materials ·N95 ·KN95 ·Medical mask Mask classification Disposable mask: Recommended […]

How to select and wear a mask

Mask selection People not suitable for masks (1) People with heart or respiratory problems (such as asthma and emphysema) (2) Pregnant women (3) People with dizziness, dyspnea and skin sensitivity after wearing 2. Characteristics of several kinds of masks sold on the market  Advantages of cotton mask: reusable and washable Disadvantages: There is saliva on the inner […]

Differences between N95 face-mask and common mask

After the emergence of the novel coronavirus, we must wear an N95 face-mask when going out. So what is the differences between N95 face-mask and common mask? Let me introduce them for you. Method /step Common mask includes paper mask, cotton mask, activated carbon mask, sponge mask, etc. These masks are not tightly made and have a low degree of […]

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